The Work Access for Youth

Poverty, a lack of opportunities, and barriers like mental health and food insecurity are holding many youth back in our community. Some are even at risk of being drawn into gangs and violence.

The Work Access for Youth is a workforce development centre that aims to break this cycle by helping youth find their way to a career of their choosing.


TNO makes a difference

TNO in 2019-2020

130+ youth

found meaningful employment, training, and placements

120 youth

have begun their careers since the onset of COVID-19 in April

62 youth

have been connected to further training and pre-apprenticeship programs since the onset of COVID-19 in April

TNO makes a direct impact

  • I volunteered as a youth with TNO’s ice hockey programs. I was the only one in the area that knew how to skate, so I helped. As I grew up, I got involved in things I should have stayed away from. And when I hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a way out, I reached out to TNO for help. I now have a full-time job that I love, and I have no criminal record. TNO provided me with a path to redeem myself and I will make the most of this opportunity.

    - Markham Properties Landscaper
  • TNO helped me get my first full time job right here. This mentorship program they have is amazing for kids like my siblings in this area, to like come inside, maybe have a movie night, or like, play basketball with their friends, you know—hockey, whatever it is. They are so open. Even homework club. Like I needed help with my homework. I wish I went to TNO earlier so I could get help for homework.

    - Tire Technician at The Tire Terminal
  • They [TNO] didn’t care about what your past was. They were out to help us. They even helped me with my resume and my writing skills, that helped me land my job through Hammer Heads for a sprinkler union. So I really appreciate TNO.

    - UA835 Sprinkle Fitter
  • Your contribution means we can create a workforce development centre where youth are supported by a career coach who will help them identify career goals, develop new skills, and connect them to resources that’ll help them grow. Whether it be a one-time gift or a monthly donation, every contribution counts.
  • We’re always looking for volunteers and potential employers. Volunteering with us could mean you will be building, contacting clients with employment opportunities, flyering in the community, or re-checking our tool inventory. Employers in need of a labour force are welcome to contact us as well, as we can always find good talent to help you with your business needs.


The Neighbourhood Organization

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